The partnership that lets you do 
what you love - without the hassle...

Most debt counsellors are in it for the people they can help, not the money they can make. You do what you do because you have a real passion for people in need and find it extremely rewarding to guide those in financial dire straits towards a workable solution.

But let's face it - in reality debt counselling has become an incredibly complex process of administrative and even legal procedures to ensure that the good intentions of the National Credit Act comes to pass in the lives of over-indebted consumers. In addition, some creditors are quick to flex their legal muscle to prevent consumers accessing the benefits associated with entering a debt-counselling programme.

Therefore in as much as you, the debt counsellor, would love to assist an over-indebted consumer, you often find it near impossible when faced with the sheer volume of administrative processes and the cost implications of soliciting legal advice and assistance.

Which is why we know that you will find ADCAP's service exceptionally valuable. You get to do what you do best, whilst we sort out the paperwork and ensure that you can make good on your promises to your clients.

Now isn't that what you've been waiting
for all along?

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